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Friendship Baptist Church

leading people to a life-changing
relationship with Jesus

Welcome to Friendship Baptist Church, Cumming GA

Friendship Baptist Church exists to lead people to a life-changing relationship with Jesus. No matter what you’ve been through or what questions you might have or where you are on your spiritual journey, our church is a place where you’ll find the grace, mercy, and forgiveness Jesus gives to everyone.

We invite you to worship with us!

Rev. Ricky Byrd, Pastor
Rev. Ricky Byrd, Pastor

See below for some of our upcoming and most recent events! We are an active church who loves the Lord.

Our Summer Services are each Sunday with Sunday School for all ages at 9:45AM and Worship Service at 11AM.

Come on in and we know you will find something for you and your family!


From the Pastor...

“September Wonders”….That’s the name of an apple Michele and I have really come to enjoy. The taste is not too tart, not too
sweet, but somewhere in the middle. The month of September can be kind of like that when it comes to the weather. Not too
hot, a little bit of coolness in the air from time to time, sometimes just right! I think the “secret” to getting along in the church is
to realize we all have our preferences when it comes to how things are done. Music, too hot, too cold, sound too loud, not loud
enough, how we do this, how we do that…..and on and on it goes. You might prefer a “Granny Smith” apple, but not me! Too
tart! Or you might like a “Golden Delicious”….they are okay….but not my preference. My daddy used to like a little apple called
a “Yates”. I didn’t care much for them either.
But a “September Wonder”….now there’s an apple! At least for me that is, and I certainly recognize it might not be for you.
What in the world is my point to all of this?? I don’t know exactly…except to say church is not all about my preferences, neither
is it all about yours. Michele and I had a Sunday School teacher who once made this profound statement during class one
Sunday morning: He said, “Some people like black cows, some people like white cows, and some people like black and white
We are all different. We all have different preferences. But we all come together under the Lordship of Jesus Christ to worship
and serve Him in Spirit and in Truth! Because it is ALL ABOUT HIM!!! Everything we do should be focused and centered on
You like “Granny Smith”…I like “September Wonders”…..but we all Love Jesus! Because of that, I can occasionally tolerate a
“Granny Smith”….are you willing to try a “September Wonder”??
Ephesians 4:3, 13 (vs.3)Endeavoring (Attempting) to keep the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace.
(vs.13) Till we all come in the unity of the faith, and of the knowledge of the Son of God, unto a perfect man, unto the measure
of the stature of the fulness of Christ:
Love y’all,

Lunch & Special Service on October 9! Don't miss it!
Lunch & Special Service on October 9! Don't miss it!
Youth Service, September 21st WITH Los RIos Truck
Youth Service, September 21st WITH Los RIos Truck